11-7-15 Daily E-Votional

Saturday, Nov. 7

Ezra 9:1-15

There are some things I experience that just make me want to pull my hair out. Pull my hair out, not literally, but figuratively. For instance. If I get a bill in the mail for something that the bill says my insurance will not cover that makes me want to pull my hair out. In the olden days, I probably could have called a phone number and had a wonderful discussion would have occurred with a helpful customer representative and the problem would have been resolved.

In this time in history, we are at a very different place. Many times we will be redirected on the phone many times before actually reaching a real voice and real person. Even when we reach the real person, it doesn’t feel like we’re speaking with a real person and we may not be able to get the issue resolved.

Now, it takes a lot of patience and time to follow up on things. I want to be hopeful, but often I find myself skeptical. When I buy something and the sales people say to just call this number if I have a problem and they will help me, I find myself wondering if I should buy the product in the first place. I want to have hope in a better day and that people will be helpful, but I’m highly skeptical. If I become highly skeptical in one area, you know for sure that my skepticism will run over into other areas.

3 When I heard all this, I ripped my clothes and my cape; I pulled hair from my head and out of my beard; I slumped to the ground, appalled.

Ezra felt great shock because of this bad news and he was very sad, so sad that he tore his clothes and he pulled out his hair. These things showed how very sad he was because that’s the way Jewish men behaved in such a manner when they were sad about someone’s death. At other times, Jewish men took care of their hair, and they had long beards. If they lost their hair, they would feel ashamed.

If actually pulling one’s hair out existed today, what do you believe the response would be if someone saw that your hair was pulled out? Would your friends be surprised that you had literally pulled out your hair? What do people in our culture believe to be the case of those who have no hair? Do you believe that others experience those same kind of hair pulling experiences you experience? What words of wisdom might you share with a young person when it comes to their facing a frustrating experience? Have a day!

In Conversation with a child today: Ask a child to tell you what they do when they get very frustrated

Prayers for our soldiers and others fighting for our country: Nick Steele, Sgt. Zach Fessler, Peter Davidson

Remember in Prayer: Jim, Barb, Carol & family, Jan, Kathy & family, Jane, Peace & Comfort for the families of Jim & Linda, Churches in transition, Sue’s family & friends, Amy, Carla’s mom & family, Phyllis & family, Natalie, Mary, Vivian, Martha, Pastor Kamya, Bonnie & Courtney, Mark, Michael, Kelly, Sawyer, Patrick, Roger, Katie, Marnie, Missy, Jeremy, Ginger, Jean, Frank, and for all those in need of God’s healing.

Prayer Request:  Prayers for Jim please. Jim was in a fire almost two weeks ago. Friday he had his third surgery of skin grafting. He will be facing a fourth surgery this coming week to repair the burns on his head. This will be weeks of surgery and healing. Prayers needed. Thanks, Lucia

And those experiencing loss – family & friends of: Jim, Martha, Joyce, Jim & Linda, Sue, Ward, Amy, Jim, Clayton, Moe, Dot, Judy, John, Roberto, Todd, Loisanne, Karen, Bill

Prayer: This day, O God, we come before you in thanks and praise. We thank you for your love and for tending for things when we are lost in our reactions. Help us to come on board with your desire for us. May we live into the hope you have for each of us. Amen

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