11-5-15 Daily E-Votional

670px-Write-a-High-School-President-Speech-Step-7Thursday, Nov. 5

Ezra 7:1-26

I really didn’t know what I was getting into when I signed up for Speech class in high school. It was way out of my comfort zone so I don’t even know what brought me to that exact selection. Thinking about getting up and speaking in front of a whole class of students was really way more than I could envision.

I remember that the speech teacher asked a simple request of the class. She asked each of us to think about something we could talk about for a very long time. Now, I was still pretty shy and lacking confident and much more reserved in speaking. I didn’t feel like there was much I had to say to anyone about anything let alone a whole class of fellow students.

The teacher said we should think about something we really liked to do and then talk about it for 10 minutes. This would be a snap for me today, but not so much back then. I think I ended up speaking about babysitting even though I knew little about it.

As I look back, there were things I could have talked about for a very long time. What made it difficult was that I wanted to fit in and talking about those things for which I was well versed would have been too much of a risk for me to share out loud. At times, the risk of sharing something is just too high. Talking about babysitting was an easy out.

I knew lots about surviving in a chaotic living situation. I knew how to muffle out loud shouting/screaming voices. I knew how to look for food that wasn’t already picked over by roaches. I knew how to look like I had it together without it really being all together deep inside me. It just wasn’t the time or the audience for me to share the things I knew about at that point.

10 Ezra had committed himself to studying the Revelation of GOD, to living it, and to teaching Israel to live its truths and ways.

Ezra was well versed in the Law. Ezra studied God’s Word, obeyed God’s Word, and taught God’s Word. He was definitely gifted by he could do nothing unless God’s hand was upon him and upon the people traveling with him. God’s hand is a providing hand, a protecting hand, an encouraging hand, and a guiding hand.

In what subject matter are you well versed? Would you feel comfortable talking to someone else about this topic? Would you feel comfortable addressing a large group about this topic? If someone asked you to come and speak to the grade school children about a topic that was dear to you, what topic would that be? What would your best friend say was something you could talk about for a very long time? In what areas have others said you have a lot of experience? What would it take to get you into a group that would study and discuss God’s Word?   Have a day!

In Conversation with a child today:
Ask a child to tell you what thing they know a lot about

Prayers for our soldiers and others fighting for our country: Nick Steele, Sgt. Zach Fessler, Peter Davidson

Remember in Prayer: Barb, Carol & family, Jan, Kathy & family, Jane, Peace & Comfort for the families of Jim & Linda, Churches in transition, Sue’s family & friends, Amy, Carla’s mom & family, Phyllis & family, Natalie, Mary, Vivian, Martha, Pastor Kamya, Bonnie & Courtney, Mark, Michael, Kelly, Sawyer, Patrick, Roger, Katie, Marnie, Missy, Jeremy, Ginger, Jean, Frank, and for all those in need of God’s healing.

And those experiencing loss – family & friends of: Jim, Martha, Joyce, Jim & Linda, Sue, Ward, Amy, Jim, Clayton, Moe, Dot, Judy, John, Roberto, Todd, Loisanne, Karen, Bill

Prayer: We thank you, O God, for this new day. We thank you for the opportunities that are ahead of us or that we have experienced in this day. Help us to continue to learn more about you and your ways. Guide our hearts and may your hand be upon all that we do and say. Amen

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